Dave Barnett Takes Leave of Absence from Ranger TV Broadcast

Some of you may have been wondering what happened to the Rangers regular television play-by-play guy Dave Barnett.  During the June 18 game against the Padres he had an incident where he verbally stumbled (I’m not even sure if that’s the right word to describe it) through a sentence about Mike Adams:

A 2-1 game, the tying run at second on a leadoff single by Chase Headley.  The go-ahead run … is at fifth, on what (Mike) Adams is insisting on calling a botched robbery. What actually happened was his henchman took a piece literally out of …

He was able to then pause and finish the game without any issues.  Later the Rangers released a statement that Barnett thought this was due to migraine headaches he was having.  Originally, the Rangers announced that Barnett would be gone for at least three games, but after those three games he remained conspicuously absent from the television broadcast, implying that something more serious might be at play.  Well, as might be expected, yesterday they announced that he would be stepping down for the rest of the season due to “undisclosed”health reasons.  Steve Busby moved over from radio to fill in for him on the television broadcast and has done an excellent job.  I’ve also liked Barnett since he took over for the failed John Rhadigan experiment and wish him well.  Hopefully, this is a short term thing and he can be back with the Rangers next season or sooner.

Busby leaving radio has left a gaping hole next to Eric Nadel on that side of the broadcast.  If you’ve listened to the radio broadcast you’ve heard Bryan Dolgin filling in.  He typically does the radio pre- and post-game shows, and frankly he’s just not very good (I put that nicely).  But, it looks like the Rangers are bringing in Matt Hicks who does radio for their AA Corpus Christi team to fill in semi-permanently for Busby.  So, Dolgin will be moving back to the pre- and post-game shows where I can conveniently switch to Diamond Talk on The Ticket and not have to listen to him (at least during the post-game show).

Why couldn’t they have just kept Josh Lewin?  I miss him.

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5 Responses to Dave Barnett Takes Leave of Absence from Ranger TV Broadcast

  1. sounds like a stroke or a brain tumor

  2. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I’ve never heard of migraines causing speech issues, but I have heard of things like strokes or tumors causing migraines and speech issues at the same time. I could be wrong. There may be examples of migraines directly causing speech problems, but I’ve never heard of them.

  3. Rusty Cox says:

    I’ve always thought that Nadel and Busby were the very best in baseball radio. It just seems so easy for them to provide you a description of what is going on in the game.

  4. I used to have XM Radio with the MLB package and could listen to every MLB broadcast. In the several years I had it, I never heard anyone that was as good as Eric Nadel. His ability to put what he sees into words that allow you to see it too, is unmatched.

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