Pierzynski Snubbed, Mad at Washington

I somewhat expected this and even said myself that Pierzynski deserved to be an All-Star.  Napoli was voted to the All-Star game while hitting .238 and striking out once every 2 to 3 at-bats and better than once per game.  The players voted in Matt Wieters as a reserve catcher even though Wieters is hitting only .249.  That left Washington with one more pick at catcher and he took Joe Mauer who is, at the very least, just as deserving as Pierzynski (and probably more so).  The Mauer pick also allowed Wash to comply with the MLB rule that every team has to have at least one representative on the All-Star squad.   I don’t fault Washington for this, I probably would have done the same thing.  Does that mean Pierzynski wasn’t “snubbed?”  No.  He deserves to be an All-Star, but players get snubbed every year.  Pierzynski can blame Washington, he can blame the fans for voting in Napoli, and he can blame the players for choosing Wieters.  But, I’m guessing there’s someone else to blame for this and it’s not President Bush.  That person is A.J. Pierzynski.

Pierzynski’s best shot at an All-Star spot was to get voted in by the players.  That’s not going to happen.  Why?  Because guess who shows up at or near the top of every poll as the most hated player in Major League Baseball?  If you said Alex Rordriguez, you would be correct.  And A-Fraud sits there right along with A.J. Pierzynski.  Men’s Journal polled 100 players earlier this year and Pierzynski topped their list of most disliked major leaguers.  And this isn’t a new thing.  In 2006 GQ ran an article on the most hated athletes in sports.  This wasn’t just baseball players but all sports combined.   Pierzynski was No. 9 along with two other baseball players, Curt Schilling and Barry Bonds.  They’ve since retired leaving Pierzynski all to his lonesome.  Every time someone makes a list of the most hated professional baseball players, there sits Pierzynski right in the thick of things.  So, is it any wonder that he received no love from the players in their voting for the All-Star ballot?  From all accounts the guy is a complete jerk.  He treats his own teammates like crap.  Sure he was snubbed, but he might want to look in the mirror before he starts blaming Ron Washington or anyone else.

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