(Not) Getting the Job Done

July 15, 2012  Texas vs. Seattle

In the first inning with Kinsler on 3rd, Hamilton comes up with 1 out.  He watches a strike on the outside corner and then hits a grounder into the over shift between first and second.  It drives in the run, but Hamilton is thrown out at first easily.  Steve Busby and Tom Grieve react on the television broadcast by saying that Hamilton “got the job done” by putting the ball in play and driving in the run.  I disagree.  When your number 3 hitter, who for two months of the season was hitting .400, and was contending for the triple crown, grounds into an easy field and toss to second base with a runner in scoring position, it IS NOT getting the job done.  Sure, if Torrealba (currently hitting .218 and not getting to play every day) were to actually put the ball in play and drive in a run by giving up an out, then yes, I would say he got the job done.  But not with Hamilton.  He desperately needs to get more selective at the plate and start looking for pitches to drive.  They are not going to throw him strikes.  So, wait for that perfect pitch, or walk and let Beltre, who is one of the best hitters in the league right now, drive in the run.

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