Rangers Need the Offense to Kick Into Gear

Over the weekend the Rangers won their 9th series out of the last 10.  So, it’s hard to complain, especially with a 54-35 record (second best in the league) and a 5.5 game lead over the Angels.  But, while the Rangers have been winning, the offense has been less than what we’ve come to expect.  The Rangers still lead both leagues in team batting average, and they are tied with the Red Sox for most runs scored.  But, maybe it’s me, it just feels like they aren’t playing like they could.  Why don’t we take a look at how the offense has performed so far in the month of July.

They haven’t scored more than 4 runs in a game for 10 games now, and they only have 5 homeruns as a team this month.  Their team batting average for the month is .229, which puts them at 26th in the league.  That should tell you how well they played earlier in the season.  They still lead the league in team batting average after going half a month ranked 26th.  Their 5 homeruns for July puts them second to last in the league, and their 24 runs scored puts them DEAD LAST.  Think about that for a minute.  The Houston Astros have scored more runs this month than the West leading Texas Rangers.  Additionally, for the month of July they are last in the league in RBIs, second to last (just in front of Seattle) in hits, second to last in doubles, and third to last in OPS.  The only category that provides any ray of hope is team strike outs, where the Rangers have struck out less than any other team, in July, so far.

So, I guess it’s not just me.  The offense has probably been the worst in Major League Baseball for the month of July.  I’m hoping that they start to turn things around tonight.  Roy Oswalt starts against Bartolo Colon in Oakland.  It’s a late game, with a 9:05pm start.  Colon went 8 innings against the Rangers in their last matchup, and with Brian Fruentes’ help, the A’s shut out the Rangers.  The offense only managed 5 hits for the entire game.  With Oswalt’s tendency to give up lots of hits and several runs, the offense may have to come up big to pull this one out.  Let’s hope they play like we know they can.


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