Hamilton or Napoli: Who’d You Rather Have?

I’ve been hard on Mike Napoli all season (deservedly so), but I was curious to see what his numbers over the last two months were compared to Josh Hamilton’s, and frankly, I wasn’t surprised.  I know overall anyone would rather have Josh Hamilton on the team than Mike Napoli, but maybe this will give you some perspective on just how bad Hamilton’s slide has been these last two months.  I’m pretty sure every Ranger fan knows that both players are in a horrible slump, but I doubt many realize that Napoli has actually been better at the plate in June and July.

Napoli’s batting average since the beginning of June is .222.  Hamilton is hitting .208 over the same period.  Napoli is striking out in 34% of his at-bats (37 total for June and July).  Hamilton is striking out at a 34% rate too, but he’s had more at-bats and has a total of 47 K’s for the two month period.  Josh clearly has better power numbers than Napoli, but that’s to be expected.  However, Napoli has more walks in less at-bats (Napoli-21, Hamilton-17).  That puts Napoli’s on base percentages at .356 for June and .366 for July, while Hamilton was getting on base at a clip of .318 for June and .269 for July.

Over the last two months, Mike Napoli, given all his struggles, is a better option at the plate than Josh Hamilton.  He’s simply getting on base more, whether it’s a walk or a hit.  Both are striking out at a rate worse than 1 every 3 at-bats, but Napoli is more willing to take the free pass than Hamilton is.  And for what it’s worth, Napoli is hitting .286 since the All-Star game, so it appears he may be coming around.  Hamilton is hitting .182 with 10 strikeouts in 6 games.  In fact, he only has 4 hits in his last 22 at-bats.

So, right now, who would you rather have?

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