Dear Scott Feldman

Dear Scott Feldman,
I want to take this opportunity to apologize for all the awful things I said about you earlier this season.  I was clearly wrong and should have given you more time to ease back into the starter role before I jumped to conclusions.  You have been the best Ranger starting pitcher for the month of July and you only keep getting better.  In fact, you may be the only bright spot in a dismal month of Ranger baseball.

Good luck on the rest of the season.

Atop Greene’s Hill

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One Response to Dear Scott Feldman

  1. Ben says:

    If they don’t make the postseason, or if they make it and just lie down, I could summarize the season in three statements:

    –the Mariners scored three TD’s in one game against the Rangers at home

    –Kendrys Morales drove in six runs in one inning

    And of course, my favorite–

    –Adam Dunn stole second base.

    You probably could leave it at just that one statement.

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