A Beautiful Nolan Ryan Pencil Sketch by a Great Artist

I used to a be a pretty active member at a webforum called Trading Card Central.  Through that website, I was able to make a handful of good friends who also enjoy collecting sports cards.  One of those is artist Ted Dastick.  Ted is routinely asked to do “art” cards for the major trading card companies.  For example, the Topps company recently released a commemorative trading card set recognizing the original 1962 Mars Attacks trading cards.  The original 1962 set is one of the most sought after and valuable non-sports trading card sets in existence.  A 1962 card in good condition can bring well over $1000.00 on the secondary market.  When Topps decided to do the commemorative set, they asked Ted to create a number of special “sketch” cards to be inserted into the packs of cards.  He also did most of the art for the 2012 Famous Fabrics 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue set, and created several cards for the Topps 2012 Star Wars Galaxy 7 set.  Needless to say, Ted is very talented, and his cards and art is highly sought after in the trading card community.

One day, a few years ago, I was surprised to receive a package in the mail from Ted.  I opened it up to find this:

Of course any Ranger fan knows what moment this is depicting.  Needless to say, I immediately found a nice frame and hung it in my office.  I feel privileged to have met Ted, and honored that he would take the time to make this for me.  It’s an irreplaceable piece in my Texas Rangers collection.

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