Murphy an Every Day Player

Last week, Ron Washington finally decided to make David Murphy an every day player.  He had previously been platooning Murphy along with Craig Gentry.  Murphy would face right-handers and Gentry the left-handers.  But, Murphy has been playing so well in the second half, Wash finally had to give in.  In fact, at the time of the change, Murphy was hitting .345 against left-handed pitchers this season.  Murphy hit .356 in June, .310 in July, and is hitting .349 in August.  Collectively, he’s hitting .333 after the All-Star break and is now hitting .372 against left-handers.  Most importantly, Murph is hitting .355 with runners in scoring position this year.

I’ve long been a fan of David Murphy, and I’m convinced that if he had been on a different team over the last several years he would have been an every day starter.  But, for some reason, it seemed that Washington just didn’t want to give in and let Murph play every day, and every time Murph got a stretch of continuous playing time, due to an injury or whatever, he would do well, and Wash wouldn’t reward him for it.  But, now it looks like that has changed, and Washington claims that Murphy will stay in the line-up until he proves he doesn’t deserve it anymore.  We will see.

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