Melky Cabrera was suspended today for 50 games after a positive test for testosterone.  He has the second highest batting average in the National League and was the MVP of the All-Star game.  This gives me an opportunity to make a post on steroids.
Hall of Fame voters need to come up with a universal rule on how they handle voting for players who are suspected of, or ever admitted to/tested positive for, steroid use.  It is ridiculous that the voters are allowed to make subjective choices about who they think should be allowed into the Hall of Fame and who shouldn’t based on steroid use.  They have blacklisted athletes like Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Rafael Palmeiro, while other players like Alex Rodriguez will eventually be voted in.  A-Fraud not only tested positive, but admitted to steroid use, after he had previously lied and said he did not do steroids.  But, he will be voted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.  I guarantee it.  While other former players like Sammy Sosa, who never tested positive and has not admitted to using steroids, will never make it in.

They need to make a decision rule that either, anyone who tested positive is not eligible for the Hall, or that suspected or confirmed steroid use should not disqualify a player from being voted into the Hall.

Personally, I am fine with either policy, I just want the voters to be consistent.  There’s no reason why Alex Rodriguez should be allowed into the Hall of Fame and Rafael Palmeiro denied.  Palmeiro tested positive late in his career, clearly after he had put up a first ballot Hall of Fame resume, while A-Rod’s positive test came during his prime, while he was putting up huge numbers in Texas.  And yet, Palmeiro will never make the Hall, while I promise you, Rodriguez will make it on the first ballot.  It drives me nuts and it needs to be fixed before it becomes reality.  If you’re going to vote for Alex Rodriguez, then there is no acceptable argument for refusing to vote for Palmeiro, McGwire, Bonds, or even Sosa.

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