This Made Me Laugh

Saw this on LewP’s blog.  It made me laugh.
Battle in the Rangers Rotation: Who Does the Best Harray Caray Imitation?

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5 Responses to This Made Me Laugh

  1. LewP says:

    Thanks for sharing. Ever since Saturday Night Live, I’ve always had a great respect for anyone imitating the great Harray Caray….I have to tell you, the Dutch Oven really makes me laugh…glad you liked it.


  2. Dale says:

    Eh, I’m not impressed by either one. They both just aspire to doing impressions of Will Ferrell doing his impression of Harry… so by the transitive property of impressions, they each become less interesting by an order of magnitude. That said, I’m going with Dempster. Holland kept breaking character, and reminded me just how fricking young these kids are who are in the big leagues nowadays.

  3. I agree. It’s hard these days to find someone who isn’t doing Will Ferrell doing Harray Caray. And yes, the youngsters in the league make me feel old.

  4. lewp says:

    Thanks for sharing the story…these guys crack me up!

  5. They still make me laugh, even if they are doing Ferrell doing Caray. I looked up some Caray videos on Youtube, because it’s been years since I heard him actually speak, and they really aren’t that far off.

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