Irrelevant Jersey Guy

Based on a Google search it appears I did not actually coin the name “Irrelevant Jersey Guy”, but a good friend can verify that we did come up with it on our own several years ago at a World Baseball Classic game in Phoenix, Arizona.  The US team was playing Mexico in the first WBC series.  I had traveled down to Phoenix to go to some spring training games and the trip just happened to coincide with the WBC.   Kevin and I got some tickets to what was then Bank One Ballpark, to see the game.

We were sitting in the left-field stands and there was guy in front of us wearing a powder blue Houston Oilers Earl Campbell jersey.  This one violated pretty much every rule of ballpark jersey wearing.  It was the wrong sport, the wrong city, and the wrong state.  We couldn’t come up with any even remote reason why that jersey would be appropriate for that game.  Thus we labeled him “Irrelevant Jersey Guy (IJG).”

Probably the most notorious IJG is yankee fan (pictured below).  They show up everywhere, baseball games, football games, basketball games, little league games, chess matches, funerals, quinceaneras, deserted islands, you name it.  You’re more than likely going to find one at any Boston Red Sox game, but I’ve seen them at many Ranger games when the Rangers were not playing the yankees.

There are few things in sports that I despise more than IJG.  I do not understand the fan who thinks, “Well I’m going to a Texas Ranger game tonight.  They are playing the Minnesota Twins.  I think I’ll wear my Cubs jersey.”  That guy shouldn’t be allowed in the ballpark.

Tonight, the Ranger broadcast showed a different breed of IJG.  We shall call him “Irrelevant Head Gear Guy (IHGG).”  A fan watching the Rangers play Baltimore was wearing a cheese head.  I can’t imagine any scenario where that would be appropriate for this game.

So, if you’re planning to attend a future sporting event, take note of IJG and IHGG.  Don’t be that guy (or girl).

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One Response to Irrelevant Jersey Guy

  1. Dale says:

    What about the cases where the relevance of the jersey may not be readily apparent? Speaking of cheeseheads, if you watch Milwaukee Brewers games, you’ll notice one of the season ticket holders right behind the visiting dugout always wears a “Seattle” jersey, which to the untrained eye may make him an IJG. But on closer inspection, it is a Seattle Pilots jersey, which I guess would be like wearing a Washington Senators jersey to a Rangers game, or a St. Louis Browns jersey to an Orioles’ game (which I may do, if I get the chance). What’d that be? Some sort of “more hardcore than thou,” too-deep-reference-relevance… guy?

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