Family Receives $14.5 Million after Sueing Bat Company and Little League

I was reading this on ESPN.

A New Jersey teenager left brain-damaged after being struck by a line drive while he was playing in a youth baseball game will receive $14.5 million to settle his lawsuit against the bat manufacturer, Little League Baseball and a sporting goods chain.

Domalewski was playing in a Police Athletic League game, but Little League was sued because the group certifies that specific metal bats are approved for — and safe for — use in games involving children.

Rick Redman, a spokesman for Hillerich and Bradsby, manufacturers of the Louisville Slugger brand bat, confirmed a settlement had been reached, but declined further comment.

An attorney representing The Sports Authority, the national sporting goods retailer, did not immediately return calls seeking comment, and an attorney who represented Little League Baseball in the case declined to comment.

This happens every once in a while and it’s always tragic.  My heart breaks for the family and the young man who have to deal with this for the rest of their lives.

However, I cannot fathom how Louisville Slugger, the Sports Authority, and Little League have any fault in this at all.  Parents and kids know the potential dangers of playing sports, and it’s no secret that metal bats can lead to injuries.  Wooden bats can too.  In fact, there is a higher likelihood that his young man would have been struck by a thrown ball, not a batted one, that would have injured him.  Not only that, but he wasn’t even playing Little League.  My guess is, the attorneys figured out a round-about way to sue Little League because the organization has more money.  And, why should Sports Authority be obligated?  Should I sue Sears when I cut my hand off with a table saw?  I am fully aware of the dangers from using a table saw, and yet if I were to cut myself with it, is Sears then liable because I bought it there?
This is just a sad situation all around.  Sure, I’m glad that the parents now have some money to take care of their child.  But, I’m left with a sour taste in my mouth about the way they went about getting it.

Update:  A buddy sent me this.  Seems appropriate.

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