Rangers Offense Stifled by Rays’ Pitching

The Rangers just didn’t look good this weekend.  They managed only 1 out of 3 against the Rays and in all three games the offense was stifled by the Rays’ pitching.  This was not encouraging news going into a stretch where they are going to play several games against divisional opponents, particularly the A’s and the Angels who are playing pretty well.

Josh Hamilton hit his league leading 40th homerun, and that was pretty much it for the offense.  It was nice to see Jurickson Profar come through with a big hit Saturday night in extra innings, but he struck out the night before in a pinch hit appearance with the game on the line.

Roy Oswalt was awful today and it’s now very clear that he has no place arguing about getting to start.  After giving up 4 runs in 2 innings, he left with an injury.  I won’t be disappointed if he never throws another pitch for the Rangers.

The good thing to take from this weekend is that Ranger pitching looked pretty good except for Sunday.  Derek Holland threw a tremendous game Friday night and Yu Darvish followed that up with another very good performance.  If the offense can get back in gear and Matt Harrison can get on track then things should be good.  But we’re going to need some hits.  I’m looking at you Nelson Cruz.  I can go up there and strikeout, and I’ll do it for free.

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