A Rangers Game-worn Jersey and Some Autographs

If you head to a Ranger game soon, make sure to check out the tent sales they have going on in the main concourse.  At each one, I found a rack of actual game-worn jerseys from some former players.  These were all on clearance at $49.99 a piece.  That’s hard to beat given that an authentic player-style jersey like they sell in the gift shops, which are not player worn, will run you about $300.  Those are just jerseys that anyone can buy that are mass-produced.  They are the same quality as the ones the players wear, but are not actual team-issued jerseys.

To back-track a little, last year I bought this one:

I found it, at the Ballpark,  in a rack with other game-worn, player issued jerseys.  It was the only one without a name on the back.  I have no idea if it was ever worn or used, but it was only $50.  Again, much cheaper than buying one retail.  That particular shop at the Ballpark, also sold individual letters like what they use for the jerseys.  I bought my last name and had it sewn on the back.  So, I was able to get a personalized jersey for $55, where had I had them make me one at the gift shop, just across the concourse, it would have cost me $300.

That particular shop was called the MLB Authentics Shop, and it only sold game-used/worn jerseys and other game-worn items.  Unfortunately, they did away with that store when they built all the new stuff in centerfield over the off-season.

So, last night, as I’m flipping through all the game-worn jerseys on clearance, I’m seeing names like Catalanato, Padilla, Rupe, Botts, Volquez, Wakamatsu, and Cordero.  However, the one that fit the best was this one:

Eric Gagne only played with the Rangers for one season, but he is a former Cy Young winner and when he was healthy, he was the best closer in the game.  It’s also been said that when I’m a little thinner and wear my glasses, we look alike.  He was by far the best player they had available.  So, I got this one.  They also had his jerseys in blue, grey, sleeveless white, and sleeveless grey (I’m so glad the Rangers don’t have the sleeveless jerseys anymore).  The way I look at it, I was able to buy an actual game-worn jersey (that still has some dirt stains on it), of an incredibly good player, that fits, for $50.  I don’t think you can beat that.

I also got these over the weekend:

That’s Ruben Sierra first, and Buddy Bell.  The Sierra is for my collection.  It will go nice with my Sierra game-used bat.  The Bell goes to my friend Jeff who enjoyed watching Bell play before I was old enough to appreciate Ranger baseball.

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