Rangers Will Replace Feldman with Martin Perez as Fifth Starter

I heard earlier today, and it looks like the Fort Worth Star Telegram is also reporting that, the Rangers will replace Scott Feldman as the fifth starter with Martin Perez.

Since Feldman was actually solidified as the 5th starter, over Roy Oswalt, he hasn’t won a single game.  He went on a crazy 6 game winning streak during July, and was simply the best starter in the rotation.  During that span he lowered his ERA from 6.50 to 4.52 and improved his record to 6-6.  But since August 10, Feldman has lost 6 games and had 2 no-decisions.  His ERA has risen from the 4.52 to 5.32.  He’s now 6-11.

Perez has pitched in 9 games this season.  Most recently he threw 4 1/3 excellent innings against the Mariners.  He gave up no runs, no hits, and just 1 walk, while striking out 5.  He’s 1-1 with a 3.38 ERA.  In his one loss, he only gave up 2 ERs over 6 innings.
The 5th spot will be important down the stretch.  I’ve been highly critical of Feldman this season, and then he earned a lot of my respect back with his solid pitching in July.  Since then, he’s been very unreliable, and you cannot afford to give up every fifth game.  It’s too early to tell how Perez will respond to his first time in a major league rotation, especially during what’s going to be a very tough division battle.  But, the numbers suggest he does give the Rangers a better chance to win than Feldman, and with injuries to Oswalt and Colby Lewis, the Rangers just don’t have much else to go to.  Washington has been unwavering in his commitment to keeping Robbie Ross and Alexi Ogando in the bullpen, so Perez might be the only legitimate option at this time.  I would much rather see him pitch than Oswalt, anyhow.  Let’s hope this move is a good one and Perez succeeds down the stretch.


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