A Few Addendums to The End of Season Awards

I should have mentioned these in yesterday’s post, but time got away from me and in my haste to get something up (especially since I’d been incognito for a while) I forgot to mention these.

1. Ian Kinsler wasn’t just bad as a lead-off hitter.  He was bad as a second baseman too.  His defense was suspect all season.  In fact, he tied for the third most errors in all of baseball and led ALL second basemen in total errors (18).  His lack of effort wasn’t just relegated to the plate.  He let it carry over to the field too.

2. I listed Kinsler as least improved, when it very easily could have gone too Michael Young.  But Young’s case was a little different for me. I felt he fit more in the discussion of biggest “bad” surprise, but Napoli’s numbers were just so far off from last year’s he had to win that award.  Kinsler’s batting average was 1 point better this year than last, but everything else was worse, so I felt he fit the definition of “least improved” better than a guy like Young who was just way worse than last season.

3. Speaking of Michael Young, Ben mentioned in his post below that:

Michael Young killed more rallies than I can remember with his clockwork GIDPs he kept hitting into.

I thought I would check out just how many double plays Young hit into, and it probably wouldn’t surprise Ben to know that he tied for 2nd in ALL of baseball with 26 GIDPs.  The only person that did it more times than Young was Miguel Cabrera, and I think we can overlook that in Cabrera’s case.

4. As mentioned in this piece by T.R. Sullivan, at the Ranger’s website, Robbie Ross was a nice surprise.  He pitched in 53 games with a 2.20 ERA and a 6-0 record.  It will be interesting to see what the Rangers do with him.  He could be stretched out as a starter, but he was valuable as a long  relief guy.  Whatever they choose to do with him, he was very helpful this season and shouldn’t have a problem staying in the big leagues in some capacity.

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