Ben’s Assessment

If you remember, I had summed it up way back in the middle of the season when Adam Dunn stole second and subsequently scored on a base hit to shallow left(?).
A lot of people are down on this team. Lots of expectations unmet. So I’m going to offer an addendum to your post. The Rangers had four players have worse seasons at the plate than any of them have had in the last three (as you’ve detailed). Kinsler led the league in getting picked off, and Elvis was right behind him. Hamilton swung at more b.s. than anyone in the history of the game, but unlike Howie Kendrick and Placido Polanco, he missed way more than he connected. Michael Young killed more rallies than I can remember with his clockwork GIDPs he kept hitting into. Two members of the starting rotation were lost for the season, and despite the depth we all perceived at that position, they still scrambled to try the Oswalt experiment and trade for Dempster. Seven players were run into the ground by playing 140 games. Now, despite all this adversity, they still managed to win 93 games. In years past, a Rangers fan would’ve been ecstatic to hear that. We’re spoiled, and we know they should’ve done better, but it’s hard to complain about that win total. I certainly don’t miss the days of hoping that the Rangers can get above .500.

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