Ranger’s End of Season Radio and TV Broadcast Teams Will Return

I was wondering what would happen with Dave Barnett after his unfortunate incident earlier this season.  The Rangers announced that Barnett’s contract will not be renewed after it expired at the end of this season.  Instead, they will keep the same television broadcast team they ended the season with: Steve Busby and Tom Grieve.

After Busby moved over to the TV booth to replace Barnett, they called up Matt Hicks from Corpus Christi to replace him on the radio.  Hicks will stay with the best guy in the business, Eric Nadel, to call radio broadcasts next year.

The Rangers are also not bringing back Bryan Dolgin who hosted the pregame and postgame shows.  I am not disappointed in that decision.  I’ve never really been a fan of Dolgin.  I couldn’t find who they are going to replace him with, but most anyone will be better.  Heck, I personally have some friends whom I think would be considerably better.

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One Response to Ranger’s End of Season Radio and TV Broadcast Teams Will Return

  1. Ben says:

    Barnett was great in the booth, but I am a big fan of Busby staying in that position. He’s always been good doing TV play by play, and he was extremely efficient when he was tag teaming the radio broadcasts with Nadel, which, if you’re familiar with Nadel’s brilliance, says a lot. As far as Dolgin goes, I wish him the best, but he wasn’t very good on the live radio broadcasts. He had lots of dead air, you couldn’t hear ANY sounds of the game (almost like he was watching the game on TV and announcing from that), and his filler stuff was a stretch.

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