Great Article on Josh Hamilton’s Agent Michael Moye

Not much happening in Ranger land lately.  Scott Feldman signed with the Cubs a couple of days ago.  I think that says more about the Cubs than Feldman.  They are going to make him a starter, and seem to be very excited about adding him to their roster.  That pretty much sums up what’s happened to the Cubs since the Bartman incident.  They are picking up other teams’ leftovers and seem to be very optimistic about it.

ESPN had an article today about Josh Hamilton’s agent.  It seems he’s a good fit for Hamilton.  He’s a Christian and very “behind the scenes.”  Read the whole thing, but here’s an excerpt:

While Scott Boras is guaranteed to hold a media session at the winter meetings in Nashville next week to wax eloquent on the merits of Michael Bourn and Rafael Soriano, Moye will do the legwork for this winter’s most prominent commodity out of the limelight. Even if he appears in the hallways en route to a meeting, a lot of people carrying notebooks and digital recorders won’t recognize him.

“We’re not the stars,” Moye says. “Our clients are the stars, and it’s in their best interests for us to stay in the background and treat them the way an attorney is supposed to treat clients in the legal industry — with extreme confidentiality. It’s not a Josh issue. It’s a firm policy.”


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