Napoli to Red Sox

ESPN is reporting that Mike Napoli has signed a 3-year deal with the Red Sox.  I’m ambiguous about losing Nap.  He was something special in the 2011 run to the World Series.  He single-handedly won the division from the Angels and his second half was one of the greatest individual performances I’ve seen in a while.  But, last year was a completely different story.  He was awful.  Just plain awful.  And really what happened is that he regressed back to the mean.  His numbers last year were so much closer to what his career numbers are.  2011 was unquestionably an anomaly.  2012 was the “real” Mike Napoli.  So, I’m not too upset about him leaving.  The big question is, what are the Rangers going to do at catcher?  Earlier today the Rangers announced that they signed Geovany Soto to a 1-year deal, so he will remain with the club as a catcher.  I’ve heard they might be interested in going after one of the Blue Jays catchers.  I think, at the least, trying to get someone to split time with Soto is a must.  That spot in the line-up last season was a killer.  So many rallies went to die with a strike out from Napoli or Soto.  A .250 hitter would be a marked improvement.  I just hope they can find one.  I’ve seen Russell Martin’s name mentioned too.

Update: Martin signed with the Pirates.  So, my bad.

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2 Responses to Napoli to Red Sox

  1. BJ says:

    Martin already signed a deal, I think with the Pirates. The catching options started thin and are getting worse. Maybe they’ll get Pierzynski…you know you love him! (At least he can rake!)

  2. You’re right. Martin went to the Pirates. I don’t know what I would do if they signed Pierzynski.

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