Rangers Make Guaranteed Offer to Josh Hamilton

According to Evan Grant at the Dallas Morning News the Rangers have made a guaranteed offer to Josh Hamilton for 4 years and over $100 million.  He would make about $25 million a year.  I’m indifferent to keeping Hamilton.  For the most part he’s been a great player,  but I really don’t know what we’re going to get from him next year.  If we get April and May 2012 Josh Hamilton then there’s no telling how good the Ranger offense can be.  If we get second half of 2012 Josh Hamilton then he’s an average hitter and not worth near the $100 million in this offer.  Is it not far-fetched to think that maybe Hamilton’s slide in the second half of last season is a sign of things to come?  What happens if they sign him to 4 years and the best we get from him is .275/20/78 with eleventy-billion strike outs and long stretches where he completely checks out?  That’s what we got July, August, September, and October of last season.  Should we really be that confident in him coming back next year and going .310/45/140?

Other rumors floating around are that David Price might be available for Profar or Andrus.  I would be fine with trading either one for an ace like Price.  A Darvish/Price 1-2 punch wins the World Series, I think.

There have also been a number of just plain random rumors floating around.  One suggested the Rangers might move Kinsler to 1B.  The Ticket (1310 Dallas) is speculating that the Rangers are floating this idea around to let Michael Young know that his role is going to be diminished and he should entertain trade offers if they come.  I know some female Texas fans that this would absolutely shatter.

And, there’s also still talk that the Rangers are in the hunt for Zack Greinke.  It doesn’t appear that they can get Hamilton and Greinke, so it really depends on whether Hamilton takes the Ranger offer or heads somewhere else.  My sources (LOL!), think that Hamilton will be in a Ranger uniform next season and beyond.

I will say that most of these rumors are usually just that, rumors.  So, take them for what it’s worth.

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