Lebron Hamilton to Angels: 5 Years $125 million

Josh Hamilton just bought ad space on a big old billboard right next to Rangers Ballpark with a picture of a giant middle finger right in the center.  Everyone and their sister is reporting that he just agreed in principle to a 5-year $25 million deal with the Angels.  Jon Daniels has told Jamey Newberg, of The Newberg Report, that Hamilton didn’t even give the Rangers a chance to match the offer.  He just said, “Screw you guys, I’m taking my talents to Anaheim.”

Move over A-Fraud, make room for the NEW most hated ex-Ranger.  Hamilton will get to come back to the Ballpark multiple times in his next few seasons and my guess is C.J. Wilson will be like, “Daaaannnng man, they must really hate you!” after he hears the response from the Ranger’s faithful.

Thanks for quitting half-way through last season, and thanks for bailing on a team that’s given you every opportunity, has cut you every break, and given you the benefit of the doubt on every stupid thing you’ve done.

Finally, does anyone else think that the Ranger front office has just got their butts handed to them this off-season?  They have been hosed on every possible deal they’ve tried to make.  The last opportunity is to trade for Justin Upton and the D-Backs picked up a shortstop earlier this week and have said they will not move Upton now.  This has not been a good off-season so far.

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One Response to Lebron Hamilton to Angels: 5 Years $125 million

  1. Ben says:

    I wonder what spring training is going to be like? Both the Rangers and Angels play in the Cactus League, and I’m sure they’ll get a couple of chances to square off in exhibition. I bet Surprise will be the loudest it has ever been. That is, if the fans show up. I’m always game for springtime baseball in AZ, but even I would be moderately bored with this bunch. Is it possible that the Astros will take home the Silver Boot this year? If things keep dwindling this way, I think they have a fighting chance.

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