Non-Baseball: Television Shows that I’m Currently Watching

Thought I would mention some TV shows that I’m currently watching.  See if some of you are watching the same shows or have some others you think are good.

1. Sherlock: this is on the BBC and is what I consider the best show on television right now.  Keep in mind, I don’t get premium cable so all those shows on HBO and Showtime I don’t get to watch.  Benedict Cumberbatch plays the best Sherlock Holmes I’ve ever seen in film or on television.  Martin Freeman is an excellent Watson, as well.  The first episode of the second season might be the best single television program I have ever watched.  They only do 3 episodes per season, but the episodes are about an hour and a half long.  It’s almost like watching a movie.  I highly recommend you watch this.  This is much better than Elementary.

2. The Walking Dead: Zombies, great characters, great storyline, and zombies.  One of the best shows on TV.

3. Person of Interest:  I like Jim Caviezel and so far I’ve enjoyed the premise of the show.  Not all the episodes are great, but the continuing story line keeps me coming back.

4. Grimm:  Great show, good characters, good overall plot, and fun to watch.  It’s fun to see what monsters they come up with each week and I really like the character of Monroe.

5. Parenthood:  We’ve been watching this since the beginning.  It’s a great show with multiple story lines going at one time.  This year though, with Christina getting cancer, it has been very overwhelming.  We had to take some time off and let them pile up on the DVR before we could start watching again.  There are some nights my wife just doesn’t feel like crying for an hour.

6. Duck Dynasty:  This is my second favorite show on TV.   It has a simple message of faith and family, and there might not be a funnier person on television than Uncle Si.  I love how at the end of every episode the family meets around the dinner table, prays, and has a meal all together.

7. Supernatural:  This is sort of an indulgence of mine.  It has to do with angels, demons, and all sorts of other monsters, and has absolutely no basis in the Biblical description of such things.  However, it can be pretty entertaining, but sometimes there is way to much “dude” drama between the two main characters.

8. Dr. Who:  this is probably the show (other than The Walking Dead) that my wife finds the most ridiculous and can’t understand why I watch it.  Dr. Who fans will know what I’m talking about.  I actually enjoy the campiness of it and generally the actors that play the Doctor are very good.  I’m looking forward to seeing the current Doctor with his new traveling companion this season.

9. The Big Bang Theory: deservedly one of the most decorated comedies on TV.  The writers were smart when they realized that Sheldon should play a key role in the show.  It originally began with a focus on Leonard and Penny, but they quickly found out that Sheldon is the reason people watch.  I also think the addition of Amy as Sheldon’s “love” interest was a stroke of genius.  She’s my favorite female character on TV.

10. New Girl: We love the Deschanel sisters and Schmidt is one of the better characters in the array of sitcoms that are on TV right now.

11. Bones:  We have watched this one from the beginning too.  Good show, good characters, always a favorite.

12. Leverage:  Unfortunately I haven’t had time to see the most recent season, but I enjoyed this during previous seasons.  It’s somewhat cheesy, but it’s an interesting show with some decent humor in it.  Has some good twists every now and then.

13. Last Man Standing:  The first season of this was great.  I enjoyed seeing Tim Allen back on television.  This season has been different.  Every episode has had some sort of political angle and it’s gotten old pretty fast.  I’m hoping they move away from this soon because I really enjoyed this show in the beginning.


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One Response to Non-Baseball: Television Shows that I’m Currently Watching

  1. Cody says:

    I did enjoy Sherlock. You should try Justified on FX, new season just started yesterday.

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