Rangers Making Ballpark Renovations: Home Opener Time Set

I had heard that the Rangers were making some more changes to the ballpark in the off-season.  Last year they completely re-did the center-field concourse adding an indoor play area for kids.  We used it once and it seemed like a welcome addition, especially when trying to keep the kids cool and out of the heat on some of those very warm days in June, July, and August.  This year they are focusing on the area behind home plate:

Most of the renovations are being done in the concourse and private club behind home plate. Get ready for the “60-foot-6” area leading from the concourse adjacent to the Home Plate Entrance into the lower seating bowl. Baseball fans recognize that as the distance between home plate and the pitcher’s mound, but it’s also the width of the newly created entry way that’s the centerpiece of the renovations.

The idea was to give fans an immediate view of the playing field and access to lower bowl seating as they come through the Home Plate Entrance. But the more tangible benefit is the greater room and less traffic that will be created with the renovations.

I guess we will have to wait and see what the changes look like when the season starts.  But you can watch them in real time, via webcam, HERE.

The times for the first home opener have been set.  The Rangers will play the Angels at 1:05 pm CST on Friday, April 5 in their first home game of the 2013 season.  The Rangers open the season on March 31, at 7:05 pm CST against the Astros in Houston.  ESPN will air the game and it will be the official first game of the 2013 MLB season.

Finally, the team raised the base ticket prices for basically every section in the ballpark.

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