Third-to-First Fake Pick-off Move Now a Balk

Yesterday it was announced that Major League Baseball is outlawing the “fake to third, throw to first” pick-off move for right-handed pitchers.  It will now be considered a balk.

To this I say, “meh.”

Sure, it was annoying when the opposing pitcher did it, and you yelled things at him.  Sometimes it was even annoying when your guy did it.  But, again, meh.  They say it will speed up the game.  Meh.  When pitchers can still wheel to first 20 times in a row for a regular pick-off attempt, I’m not sure how much speeding up there is involved.  It might give the base runners a new advantage since they don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of being picked-off in that manner.  But…meh.

It’s been an interesting part of the game, if just so that baseball nerds like myself and others can talk about it from time to time.  But, losing it to the baseball graveyard…meh.

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