Harrison Off to Bad Start, Martin Off to Bad Start, Hamilton Off to Bad Start

Matt Harrison has had two starts this season.  Both have been poor.  He gave up 5 runs to the Astros and 5 to the Angels.  He now has an ERA of 8.44.  That’s the ERA of the Rangers #1 starter.  Their “ace.”  Not Good.  I have been confident since the off-season started that Yu Darvish was the best starting pitcher on the team.  But Ron Washington likes his veterans, so it wasn’t surprising when he made Harrison the opening day starter.  Plus, Harrison won 18 games last year and, more or less, was the best pitcher on the team.  I think time will show us though, that Darvish will be one of the most dominant pitchers in the league, not just the best pitcher on the team.

Leonys Martin is not playing well.  He has one hit.  That’s it.  One hit in 3 games for a batting average of .100.  He also made a horrible throw from center yesterday on a play at the plate.  He threw it about 20-30 ft. up the third base line and it hit the wall by the camera well.  It was just bad.  Plain bad.  But Washington has decided he is going to alternate Martin with Gentry.  At least that’s what it appears to be right now.  Martin played opening day.  Gentry played the next game.  Martin started the last game in Houston.  Gentry started the first game against the Angels, and Martin started yesterday.  That being said, Martin is in the lineup tonight, so he will get to play back-to-back games for the first time this season.  This is another one of those things that just blows my mind about Ron Washington.  Martin has had 1 hit in 10 ABs.  Craig Gentry has 3 in 7 (.429 BA) with a double, a triple, and a stolen base.  AND, his speed was the main reason he was able to score the go-ahead run on Friday when Kinsler singled to right.  Just watch…

Hamilton was playing shallow, made a clean play, and with one of the best arms in the league, made a perfect one-hop throw to the plate.  Gentry was rounding third as Hamilton was scooping up the ball.  He went 90 feet before a throw from short right could get to the plate.  Watch the replay.  Even though the catcher missed it, Gentry had it beat.  Martin has speed, but not that kind of speed.  Yet Washington seems to be intent on sitting a proven CF, who hit .304 last season in his limited time, and has almost unparalleled speed, for an unproven rookie who didn’t get his first hit until 5 games into the season.  Hey, but Martin did almost get thrown out yesterday arguing balls and strikes.  So, he’s got that going for him.

So, it looks like Gentry is the new Murphy.  He’s going to have to wait until they trade someone for him to get regular playing time, no matter how well he performs when they give him a chance.  I’d say something like Washington doesn’t seem to like white players, but one, that’d be racist, right?  And second, he sure kept Hamilton and Michael Young in the lineup when they were playing very very poorly.

I really don’t know what it is, but it sure doesn’t make sense when it comes to trying to win ballgames.  To me, Gentry is clearly the better option in CF, but who am I?  Just some dumb guy on a computer.

Finally, I wonder how much longer the Angels are going to let Hamilton go up to the plate and flail away before they get tired of his little “whoa is me” show?  He has 1 hit in 20 ABs.  But more importantly he has 10 strike outs.  He’s K-ing at a 50% rate.  That’s worse than last year and it was awful then.  That’s netted him a nice little .050 batting average.  He spends more time walking up to the plate than he does actually batting.   All a lefty has to do, it seems, is throw him three sliders away, and he’s happy to go sit back down in the dugout and call the fans from the other team “fair-weather.”  He’s become quite the little drama queen, and that’s just not working out for him.



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