Live Blogging Texas vs. Anaheim 4/7/2013

Top of 1st: Mike Trout AB:  Yu did not look good on that first AB.  Trout can run. Not a good idea to walk the lead-off man.

Erik Aybar AB: Hit by pitch. This is starting off bad.  Darvish goes from perfect game stuff to not being able to find the strikezone.  Let’s settle down Yu.

Soto is behind the plate.  Pierzynski caught the almost perfect game.  Hope that’s not screwing with Darvish.

Pujols AB: Behind 2-0 to Pujols.  That’s bad.

And a walk, with Hamilton coming up.  This is setting up to be not so fun for Ranger fan.

Hamilton AB:  Bases loaded, no outs.  It’s very hard to walk Hamilton.

HEH!  Trout scores, but Josh hits into a double play.  That’s about right for him.  He’s just flat awful right now.

Trumbo AB: For you non-baseball stat buffs, Hamilton DOES NOT get an RBI for grounding into a double play, even though the run scored.

Hey, a strike finally.

Trumbo, on the other hand, does get an RBI for roping a single to left.  2-0 Angels.

Kendrick AB: A first pitch strike.  That’s something new.

Darvish has got Kendrick 0-2 now.  Fast ball up??

CALLED IT!!!   Got ’em swinging!

Could have been worse, I guess.  But Rangers are already in a 2 run hole and haven’t batted yet.

Bottom 1st Kinsler AB: I can’t stand Jered Weaver.

That 3-0 pitch was a ball.

Lead-off walk.  Weaver has been a little wild in the past too.  He usually manages to get out of it though without much damage.

Andrus AB: Weaver seems to be worried about Kinsler.

Andrus hasn’t had a good start.  That was a well hit ball, but right to the CF.  He’s had a bunch of those so far.  Sooner or later they will start falling in, I hope.

Berkman AB: Kinsler may go here.  Hit and run possibly?

Doesn’t have to.  BERKMAN BOMB!!!!

2-2.  New ballgame!

That was a good pitch.  Down and away.  Berkman just went and got it and drove it.  Line drive homerun.

Beltre AB: He’s had a rough start too, and it continues with a meaningless pop-up.

Murphy AB: BA-BOMB!!!! 3-2 Rangers.

Cruz AB: Weaver has to be nervous to throw anything close as well as Nellie has been hitting and as poor as he’s pitching right now.

Nellie is just finding ways to get on.  Infield single.

Moreland AB: Unleash the fury Mitch!!!

That was the pitch.  Moreland could have killed that one.

Weaver fights back.  2 and 2 to Moreland.

Another just crushed shot, but right to Bourjos.

Two homeruns and Elvis and Moreland both hit the ball hard.  Weaver’s got to be concerned about his stuff tonight.  Maybe the 3 spot will get Darvish to settle down.

Top of 2nd Callaspo AB: Well that was just crap.  Nice bloop.

Ianetta AB: He’s on my fantasy team, but so is Pierzynski.  So, I’ve been starting Pierzynski, which was dumb for tonight since AJ isn’t playing.  Oh well.  Maybe Ianetta will suck and it will be a good non-start.  0 for 1 so far.

Bourjos AB:  So far, not a Trout love fest.  Fairly pleased with the coverage.  I’m guessing having the “real” baseball guys like Hershiser and Kruk in the booth quells some of the player worship that we get with Buck and McCarver on FOX.

That 2-1 pitch was a nice breaking ball.  That needs to be called.

Trout AB (0-0, Walk in 1st): Trout did not deserve MVP with Cabrera winning the Triple Crown.  It shouldn’t have even been a discussion.  You do not give someone else the MVP when a guy hits for the Triple Crown.

That was  a nice back-door fastball.  Got ’em looking!  2 outs.

Aybar AB (0-0, HBP in 1st): Let’s close this out with no harm done.

NICE!  That’s what we needed.  Pujols can lead-off next inning with no one on.  Then Hamilton can strike out, hit into a double play, or do something equally bad.

Bottom 2nd Soto AB: If Soto hits a homer, we know Weaver is off.

Goes full to Soto.  You don’t want to lose this guy.

Has Soto even had an AB yet this season?  I will have to check.


Martin AB: And Martin continues to suck.  Nice foul pop-up.  2 outs.

Kinsler AB (0-0, Walk in 1st): Yes, that was Soto’s first AB this season.  Weaver finding the zone much better now.  He does this often.  Gets into trouble early and then settles down and pitches well from 2nd on.

Nice rip by Ian.  Two out rally?

Andrus AB (0-1, Lineout to Center in 1st): Elvis needs a break here.  Get something to fall in.

Nice job advancing by Kinsler.  I think he’s been reading this blog.  I’ve seen a big difference in his hustle and attitude this season so far.

Let’s not waste that Elvis.  Runner in scoring position.

Did I mention that I can’t stand Weaver?

Nothing.  Situational hitting has been a weak spot for the Rangers this season.  They’ve let quite a few runners on base and a bunch in scoring position.

Top 3rd Pujols AB (0-0, Walk in 1st): If Darvish can keep the ball down like the 2nd pitch he will do well the rest of the way.  1-2 now to Pujols.

He lost that 2-2 breaking ball.

Wow.  Hung that one.  Just missed it.

Lead-off walk to Pujols.  Now Hamilton can get out.

Hamilton AB (0-1, GIDP in 1st): I think that people should just forget about Hamilton.  He become such a drama queen that I think he likes the attention.  Plus it takes away from his poor play.  He keeps playing the victim.  Just let him go and forget about him.

Well, I guess that was fair.  I don’t think they ever actually showed a camera angle where it landed.  Runners on 2nd and 3rd no outs.

Trumbo AB (1-1, single in 1st): Nice breaking pitch away to get him swinging.

Kendrick AB (0-1, K in 1st): Another good fastball in.  Back to back K’s.

Callaspo AB (1-1, bloop single in 2nd): Lines out to CF.

Darvish gets out of a tough jam.  2nd and 3rd no outs and gets back-to-back strikeouts and then a lineout.  No harm done.  Let’s get some more runs.

Bottom 3rd Berkman AB (1-1, 2-run Homerun in 1st): Lydia loved the little spotlight on Murphy segment they just did.  She’s probably going to go get her red socks soon.  She is now singing the Rangers homerun song from The Natural.

Berkman has great command at the plate.  He never chases anything and seems just as happy to walk as he is to hit.

Beltre AB (0-1, popout in 1st): Would be nice to get an “Oh Sheet!” homerun from Adrian.

Beltre’s kid can rake!

Weaver comes back.  3-2.

That was a tough breaking ball at the knees.  He didn’t give that to Darvish earlier.

Adrian just hasn’t found the stroke yet.

Murphy AB (1-1, homerun in 1st): First pitch could have been hit out again.

Weaver goes 3-1 to Murph.  He’s doing a good job pitching away, but Murph’s not offering and the ump’s not calling.

And, Murph tries to hit another bomb on the 3-1 pitch.

Just foul, I guess.   Yep.  Pretty close.  We deserve one of those after Callaspo’s bloop and Hamilton’s liner.

Wow, that one got away from him I guess.  2 on 1 out.

Cruz AB (1-1, single in 1st): I hate Weaver.

Kruk rocking the pink shirt in the booth.

#$%%!!!  Had him on the ropes there.  Bailed him out.  Again, it’s that situational hitting.  RISP and nothing.  Not only that, but hit into a double play.  The Rangers have to get better at that.  They had a chance there to hit Weaver out of the game.  Instead, they give him another inning and another chance to settle in.  That’s got to stop!

Top 4th Ianetta AB (0-1, fly out in 2nd): 6th K of the night.

Bourjos AB (1-1, single in 2nd): Nice play by Beltre.  2 outs.

Trout AB (0-1, K in 2nd): Nice inning for Darvish.  Just a handful of pitches and 3 up 3 down.

3-year old needs to go to bed.  If anyone is actually reading this, I will be back shortly.

Bottom 4th Missed Soto and Martin.  Kinsler AB (1-1 single in 2nd): So, Soto banged one off the wall.  That should be a sign of things to come.

Martin is horrible right now.  As I said earlier today, I can’t believe he’s getting the start over Gentry.

Another nice hit by Kinsler.  I cannot believe they sent Soto there.  An accurate throw by Trout and he’s a dead duck.  But, it worked out and again, NICE HUSTLE by Kinsler.  He’s really showing me something this season.

Andrus AB (0-2): Worked a nice walk there.

Berkman AB (1-1, homerun, walk): Thought that one might squirt up the middle, but just not enough on it.

Top 5th Aybar AB (0-1): #$% another freakin blooper.  We need some of those.

Pujols AB (0-0, 2 walks): Nice double play.  I think that Pujols was safe, but that’s a close call there.  I’ll take it after the two bloopers they’ve had.

Yep, he was safe.

Hamilton AB (1-2, double in 3rd): Hits between the shift.

Trumbo AB (1-2, single, K, RBI): Kruk sure wants Josh to steal.

Man, that was a nice hit.  2 RBIs for Trumbo tonight.  Hamilton still scored from first without trying to steal.

Kendrick AB (0-2, 2 K’s): Kendrick has been owned by Darvish tonight.  Would be nice to give him the hat-trick here to shut the inning down.

Nice play by Elvis to end the inning.

Bottom 5th Beltre AB (0-2): Offense needs to explode this inning.  I’m thinking 3 runs at least.  Beltre is 0-3 now.  He’s just not hitting the ball well.  It’s tough to see him struggle like this.

Murphy AB (1-1, homerun, walk):  Another solid shot, but right to Bourjos.

Cruz AB (1-2, single, GIDP): Cannot give Weaver the 1-2-3 here.

@#$@#$ Just missed it!!  I swear we are like 3/4″ tonight from leading this game 7-3. There have been several swings that if they were just a quarter of an inch better on the ball they’d have been gone.  They have hit Weaver pretty hard and should have more to show for it.

Top 6th Robbie Ross on to Pitch for Darvish.  Will have his final line in a minute.

Callaspo AB (1-2, single): Man they are getting some lucky little hits.

Ianetta AB (0-2, K): Pop out.

Darvish Line: 5 IP, 6 ERs, 4 BBs, 6 Ks.

Bourjos AB (1-2, single): Nice single.

Trout AB (0-2, walk): This is situational hitting here.  1 out, RISP, down by 1.  Ross needs to pitch well here to top of the order.  Angels can show if they are going to hit in these situations right here too.

Double play ball would be super.

That’ll work. Now get Aybar out and let Pujols lead-off the 7th.

Aybar AB (1-2, single): 2 on, 2out, with Pujols on deck.  Shut it down Robbie!

Nice pitch there.  Down and in.

Fast ball up??

Nope, but just as good.  Got him looking!!  Poor hitting with RISP there.

GREAT JOB by Robbie Ross there.  That was nice, tough, pitching.

Bottom 6th Moreland AB (0-2): Nice rip by Moreland!!  Did that hit Weaver?  Maybe!?  That will be it for him! OOOO.  Twisted his elbow there.

Mark Lowe on to pitch.

Soto AB (1-2, double): Nice bunt there.  Lowe is a bit wild.

Martin AB (0-2): Worked a nice walk.

Kinsler AB (2-2): HUGE BOMB!!!  You’re winning me back, Ian.

Well, got a phone call and had to shut it down for a little bit.  Sorry.

Scheppers Pitching

Top 8th Callaspo AB (2-3): Nice pitch there by Scheppers.  K-Burger.

Ianetta AB (0-3): Glad I benched him tonight.  He’s 0-4 now.

Bourjos AB (1-2): Nice inning for Scheppers.  3 up 3 down.  You face the bottom half, you get the bottom half out.  Good job.

Bottom 8th Moreland AB (1-3): Ha!  He drove Weaver out of the game his last AB.

1 out.

Soto AB (1-2): Hit is pretty solidly, but another out.

Martin AB (0-2): Now 0-3.  He’s just not contributing anything. 3 up 3 down.

Top 9th Trout AB (0-3):  Ranger pitching has held Trout in check tonight.  Would like to see an 0-4 just for good measure.

Kinsler named player of the game, and that’s well deserved.  Kudos to him.  He showed some real hustle tonight and came through with two big hits.

Nathan on to pitch in a non-save situation.

My daughter just woke up to tell us that she’s sweaty.  Thanks.

NICE fast ball up.  3 pitches, 3 strikes.  Sit Down Trout.

Aybar AB (1-3): Nathan has good command tonight.  His 0ff-speed pitches look good. Two outs.

Pujols AB (0-2, 2 walks): Finish it Nathan! I don’t care to see Hamilton again.  Nathan is challenging Pujols here.  I like it.

Well crap.  One more Hamilton AB.  STRIKE HIM OUT!

Hamilton AB (3-4): Throw three of those breaking balls away Joe, and he’s gone.


HELLO WIN COLUMN.  Rangers take 2 out of 3.  Overall an excellent series.  Some good pitching (except for Harrison) and some good hitting, especially tonight.  Always nice to win 2 out of 3 against the Angels.  Darvish is now 2-0.  I predicted 20 wins.  Just 18 more.

I had fun doing this.  If you read it, and tried to keep up, thanks.  Might do it again sometime.  We will see.

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