The Incredible Mr. Scheppers

A buddy texted me this last night after Tanner Scheppers pitched two ridiculously good innings of relief (and got the win, by the way):

“He’s getting good.  I’ve almost forgotten about Nefty Feliz.”

The thing is, I had forgotten about Feliz.  Scheppers has a 0.00 ERA.  Joe Ortiz has a 0.77 ERA.  Joe Nathan’s is at 1.23.    The Rangers have the second best bullpen ERA in the entire league at 1.85.  The Braves are the only team better.  It took a text to remind that Feliz is actually still a member of the team.  This bullpen has been SCARY good so far.  And the starting pitching hasn’t been that bad either.  Rangers starters have a 3.40 ERA good for 8th in the Majors.  This has really been the difference as the offense has struggled to score runs.  The pitching, particularly the bullpen, is the reason the team is 13-6 with a 1.5 game lead in the division.

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