New Baseball Stat: Hits Wasted

Someone (maybe even me) should develop a new baseball stat called something like “hits wasted.”  What it would measure is the inability of a team to move runners around and eventually get them to score.  I know we have team batting average with runners in scoring position (RISP), but this would be a more encompassing stat.  It would account for teams who can’t even get RISP.  Basically the stat would ask, “How many hits a game does a team get that do not eventually lead to a score.”  So, a solo single in the first inning would be a hit wasted.  If a team got back-to-back singles in the 3rd to put men on 1st and 2nd with no outs and then got nothing out of it, they would get two hits wasted for that inning.  But, a solo single in the 1st followed by three straight walks would not count as a hit wasted.  Or, back-to-back singles that put runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs, and then a sacrifice fly that drove in the run from 3rd would make both hits not wasted, even if the player who singled second did not eventually score.  His hit moved the runner on 1st to 3rd, putting him in a position to score, so his hit eventually led to a score.

So, for today’s game between the Twins and the Rangers, so far (bottom 6th inning), the Rangers would have 5 wasted hits, since they have 5 hits and have scored 0 runs.  The Twins would have gotten 2 wasted hits in the 3rd.  But, they managed to score a run in the 4th after a single and walk.  So, the single would count as a hit that eventually resulted in a score.

I bring this all up because I would guess if we went back and measured this for the season so far, the Rangers would have a very high HW count.  They get hits.  Yesterday they got 8 hits, but 7 of them were wasted.  They only scored 2 runs and those 2 runs came off of 2 walks and 1 hit.  The Twins on the other hand, had 9 hits and scored 7 runs.  Of their 9 hits, only 1 was wasted.  So, the HW stat would tell us that the Twins did a much better job moving runners around and getting people into scoring position, and then driving them in.

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