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This is my first shot at writing a blog, so it’s been interesting to see some of the things that have come of it.  WordPress keeps track of all sorts of things, so I thought some of you might be interested in seeing some “behind the curtain” information.

First off, I’ll admit that I don’t have a lot of readers compared to other blogs, but it’s nice to know that some good friends read pretty much every post, and that’s important to me.  That’s really the only reason I bother to write anything.  The most views I’ve had in one day is 94.  For comparison, the blog has 29 views today after I made a couple of new posts.  Here’s how those 29 break down:

10 read The Future of the Astros and the AL West

10 read The State of the Rangers May 15, 2013

4 read the Homepage.  So, they were probably reading one of those two posts.

2 read Eugene James Petralli

2 read The Sonic Slam Inning

1 read Rangers Trade Kinsler, Call up Profar

One of the most fascinating things about the blog is finding out what drives traffic from places like Google.  The most read post on the blog, with 333 views,  is The Sonic Slam Inning.  In fact, someone stumbles upon Atop Greene’s Hill about once a day looking for information on the Sonic Slam Inning.  That’s usually driven by a Google search.  I tried to supply some good information in that post, so hopefully people find it helpful when it comes up in their search listings.

The second most read post, with 161 views, is my recount of our trip to the Nokona Baseball Glove Factory.  People searching for “Nokona gloves” or “Nokona Baseball Glove Factory” manage to find their way here a couple of times a week.  Again, I tried to include a lot of good information in that post, so hopefully people are finding it enjoyable and informative.

I have no way to tell if people who came upon the blog because they were searching for those two things actually stayed around and read other posts, or if they are now regular readers of Atop Greene’s Hill, but I’m hoping there might be one or two out of those groups.

Another highly read piece was my April Fool’s Day post on Kinsler being traded.  That gets a couple of hits a week too.  I wonder what people think when they read that.  Who knows.

By far, the most common used search term that gets people here has something to do with the Sonic Slam Inning.  Things like “sonic slam inning Rangers,” “Rangers sonic slam,” “sonic slam inning registration,” and “sonic slam inning rules” land people here several times a week.  Just to further highlight how much traffic that post gives this blog, on April 21, 2013, I did not make any new blog posts but I received 59 views on the blog.  That’s a pretty heavy day for Atop Greene’s Hill.  39 of those were of the Sonic Slam Inning post.  Why were people particularly drawn to that post on that day? Well, in the 5th inning of a game against the Mariners, Nelson Cruz hit a grand slam, which is the inning before the Sonic Slam Inning, and in the 6th, which is the Slam Inning, Adrian Beltre hit a two-run homer.  So, someone won some money that night, just not the $25,000 grand prize.  On April 30, 2013, the blog had 49 views.  Another heavy traffic day, and as you might have guessed, 29 of those were for the Sonic Slam Inning.  What happened that day? The Rangers played the White Sox in a 10-6 win.  The Rangers scored 6 runs in the Sonic Slam Inning, four of them during an at-bat from Adrian Beltre.  Beltre came up with the bases loaded, poised to win someone the $25,000.  However, two wild pitches from Nate Jones scored two runs and left Beltre with just Lance Berkman on base.  Adrian then connected on a two-run homerun, which would have been a grand-slam had it not been for the two wild pitches.  So, someone missed out on $25,000 because of those wild pitches.  So, whenever something happens in the Sonic Slam Inning, this blog gets traffic.  I never would have guessed that when I wrote the post, but I’m glad I could provide some sort of public service.

My first post ever was Eugene James Petralli, and it’s been read 22 times.  That’s kind of a middle of the road post when it comes to views.  On the day I got the record 94 views, I made this post: Best Way to Deal with a Heckler Ever.  That got 57 views, just on that day.  I noticed that several friends were sharing it on Facebook, so if you were one of those, and you are reading this, THANKS.

On average, I get about 10 views per day.  It’s been a while since I didn’t have at least one person stop by and take a look.  Like I said, I never expected this blog to get huge.  It’s just nice to know that some friends read it, and people stumble on it from time to time looking for information on baseball things and Ranger talk.

Thanks to those of you who read it.  Now that the season is in full swing and I’m off work for the next few months, you should get more from it.  I hope you continue to enjoy it.

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