Did Mickey Mantle Cork His Bat?

Read this today:


It appears that there’s no doubt that A) the bat was Mantle’s and B) it is corked.  The remaining questions are: 1) Was it used in a game? 2) If so, how many games?
And for that matter 3) Did Mantle cork it or was it done afterwards?

I was reading some responses on a web forum and most were arguing that Mantle could never have done this and we should give him the benefit of the doubt.  I ask why?  Why should he get a free pass?  Because he was a great player in the game?  What if the very reason he was such a great player is because he cheated?  Wouldn’t that disqualify that argument?

What are your thoughts?

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One Response to Did Mickey Mantle Cork His Bat?

  1. revrube says:

    An old family friend was at one point the scouting director of the Astros (he signed Cesar Cedeno). I remember hearing him say that a lot of hitters would always keep a corked bat in the dugout but that they were specially marked as to not be used in a game. They kept them around for BP but it would be naive to think one didn’t make into the game. Assuming that Mantle used it in a game, would he be the first? Has a pitcher never doctored a baseball? I have heard the game of baseball described as first and foremost a game of cheaters. Runners stealing signs, for example. I don’t think it in any way diminishes he accomplishments if he did cork a bat or two. He’s not here to refute it and no one seemed to be able to catch him during his career. So, a non-issue in my opinion.

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