David Murphy: Man of Many Talents

If, like many of my friends, you turned the game off last night in the 5th inning because the Rangers were getting their butts whipped by the Red Sox, you missed a pretty entertaining bottom of the 8th inning.  Ron Washington, not wanting to use anymore of his bullpen, since the Rangers are playing a slate of 19 straight games, decided to let David Murphy come in from left field and pitch the last inning of the game.  Murphy told Jim Knox after the game that he had not pitched since high school.  That was pretty evident.  Murphy’s mechanics were horrible, as you’ll see in the video below, and he never reached more than 79mph on the radar gun.  However, he was surprisingly effective.  He pitched the only scoreless inning for the Rangers last night, only gave up one hit, and recorded his first major league strikeout by catching Mike Carp looking on a breaking ball.  He was far and away the most effective pitcher the Rangers threw out there last night.  Oh, and Mike Carp was so embarrassed with the strike out that he got ejected for arguing with the umpire over the call.  That’s right, in a game where his team was winning 17-5 and the opposing team was pitching a left fielder who hadn’t pitched an inning since high school, Mike Carp got tossed for arguing balls and strikes.  Check out Mike Carp’s player page here.

Below, watch Murphy’s scoreless inning, and then watch Mike Carp get tossed.



I should also note, that since Murphy batted in the top of the 9th inning, the Rangers had a pitcher actually hit in an American League Rules game.  I don’t know the last time that happened, but a friend texted me last night to say he thought the last Ranger to do it was Mike Jeffcoat, and he hit a double.

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