Since May 20th, the day the Rangers started a series with the A’s that they lost 2 out of 3 games in, they are 7-9.  They’ve gone from having a decent divisional lead to now being in second place.  The rookie pitching, that had been holding up the team for so long, is now starting to falter.  The bullpen, which had been stellar to start the season, is now pretty bad.  The Rangers have the third worst team ERA in the Majors for the month of June (5.17) and have the third worst team batting average, as well (.217).  That’s right, in the month of June, the Rangers are hitting barely over .200.

Here’s a little comparison.

May 2013 Team Batting Average

Texas Rangers:     .283     3rd BEST in the Majors

Oakland Athletics:     .235     25th in the Majors

May 2013 Team ERA

Texas Rangers:     3.71    9th BEST in the Majors

Oakland Athletics:     3.50    7th BEST in the Majors

June 2013 Team Batting Average

Texas Rangers:     .213   28th in the Majors

Oakland Athletics:     .290   7th in the Majors

June 2013 Team ERA

Texas Rangers:   5.54     28th in the Majors

Oakland Athletics:    2.19      4th in the Majors

So, while Oakland has had good pitching regardless, they’ve improved their hitting considerably this month and the Rangers have gotten significantly worse in both categories.  In fact, I’m watching right now and the Rangers started today’s game against the Blue Jays with a pop-out and two strikeouts.  Yesterday they struck out 13 times against a Blue Jays team who has a team ERA only better than the Houston Astros.

Everything is lining up in the wrong direction right now.  The offense is in a huge slump, the pitching is finally starting to suffer from all the injuries, and there’s really no light at the end of the tunnel.  Moreland’s gone for at least 15, and there’s really no idea when Kinsler is coming back.  Colby Lewis and Matt Harrison look to be gone indefinitely, and Nelson Cruz is more than likely going to get suspended at some point.

We’ve also gotten to the point where, as far as lineups go, Wash is just throwing crap out there and hoping it sticks.  He’s pitched David Murphy and had Geovany Soto play 3B.  Yesterday, they had a rookie playing 1B for his major league debut, Jeff Baker playing 3B and batting 5th, Leonys Martin making his first start in RF,  and Jurickson Profar batting 2nd.  Today, 70 year-0ld Lance Berkman is playing 1B, Leury Garcia is playing 3B, while Baker is playing LF, rather than Murphy, and Cruz is back in RF.  It’s almost as if Wash is just throwing names into a randomizer and going with whatever comes out.

I am going on the record saying that it won’t surprise me to look up three weeks from now and find this team 5-6 games behind Oakland.

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