One More Thing on Cruz

Every time one of these players gets caught using PEDs we get the same old “one time at band camp” story where they just had this one time where they got hurt and had to use the PED just that one time, and that’s it.  At no other time in their career did they use PEDs, just that one single time, with that one single injury or illness or whatever.

I’m sorry, I’ve got the throw the BS Flag on that.  Especially in Cruz’s case given how injury prone he is.  Additionally, the fact that he didn’t appeal his suspension suggests to me that MLB had a lot more evidence than just that one time.  My guess is that part of the deal that MLB made with the players was that if they didn’t appeal, the players then could craft the message as to the circumstances surrounding the suspension and MLB would not counter that message.  EVERYONE WINS?  Right?  No….not everyone wins you say?

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