Would the Rangers Take Napoli and Salty Back?

Saw this today.  The Rangers are going to need catching help next season, and Ranger fans love Mike Napoli.  He had a really bad year the season before he left for Boston, and this year his stats aren’t spectacular, but they were remarkably better than his 2012 campaign.  With 25 homers and 92 RBIs he brings some run production that the Rangers desperately need.  And Napoli plays 1B where the Rangers have had a pretty inconsistent performance form Mitch Moreland.  Salty hit .270+ this year with 65 RBIs.  That’s really close to what Pierzynski gave them this year (.272, 70 RBIs).   I think either move would be good for the squad, and frankly, would love to spend next season chanting NAPOLI, NAPOLI, NAPOLI, again.  Maybe it would bring back some of that fire they’ve been missing.  Plus, that guy…he hits some bombs man.  And since I’m pretty sure Nelson Cruz won’t be coming back, they could use that power from the 1B spot.

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