Holy Cow I’m Excited!

First off, after switching to Dish this fall, I now have the MLB Network.  Man, I can’t believe what I’ve been missing.  Along with baseball 24 hours a day, I now get to watch early Spring Training games, where as, last year I had to wait until Fox Sports Southwest aired them right before the season started.

Second, seeing Prince Fielder in a Rangers uniform this afternoon was just unreal.  I’m going on the record right now saying he will hit 40= homeruns this season.  This swill end up being one of the best trades the Rangers have made.

Yes, I know the pitching is questionable.  Especially with Holland out for half the season and Harrison questionable now.  That being said, at some point Yu Darvish is going to win a Cy Young, so why not this year?  Martin Perez had a a great finish to the season last year, and all signs point to Neftali Feliz being back to the great closer he was during the World Series runs.  So, color me optimistic.  Who knows, Tommy Hanson might end up having a great comeback season as well.

So, I’m  pumped.  Also, guess who’s going to Spring Training this year?  Looking forward to a week in the sun in Surprise and Phoenix taking in some Ranger baseball and maybe a little golf.  I will have some blog reports coming while I’m there. So, check back for them.

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