Ron Washington/Rangers One of the Worst Teams in Using Pitchers Effectively

I saw this article in the Dallas Morning News.  It discusses this paper presented at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytic Conference.  The paper makes a very strong case for something that myself and others have been saying for a few years.  Ron Washington is an awful in-game manager, and one of his main weaknesses is his use of pitchers.  In fact, the research presented in the paper argues that the Rangers would have won 4.7 more games last season, squarely putting them into the playoffs, had the pitchers been managed better.  The author, Hamilton Marx, makes a pretty strong case for teams to use what he calls, “An Army of Super-Relievers,” where managers, rather than using a starter to go 5-7 innings, employs a number of pitchers per game, who pitch 2-3 innings.  The theory is based on the fact that batters gain a considerable advantage over pitchers the more times they see them in a game.  If managers would move to a system where batters were only able to see the same pitcher once, or at most twice, during a game, that advantage would drop considerably.  Marx finds that the Rangers were the third WORST team in the majors last year for pitching efficiency, only behind the Yankees and Mets.

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