Spring Training Trip 2014: Day 1 Entry 1

First game in the books. Saw the Angels play the Giants in Tempe. The Angels have a nice ballpark here. It sits with a giant rock formation back drop on the left field side. That’s also where the lawn seats are. Lawn seats were $20, which I thought a little high. But…the stadium was packed. Lincecum threw for the Giants. I ran into two Ranger fans at the front of the stadium. They were both from Frisco. Our spot on the lawn ended up being next to three ladies who were Ranger fans.

The “characters” were out in full force, as well. One guy had on a Giants jersey with 00 and the name “Greggo” on the back. He eventually ditched the jersey for some topless sunbathing. Another gentleman had on a camo tank top, illegally short shorts, and a fanny pack. He too eventually went sans tank top and also fell asleep with his hat over his face. There was also a plethora of St. Patrick’s day garb.

We went from one weather extreme to another. Low 30s in OKC to high 80s in PHX. The heat wore me out pretty fast.

We head to Surprise tonight to watch the Rangers play the Royals. We have seats behind homeplate for that game. Matt Harrison pitches and we are looking forward to it.



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