Spring Training Trip 2014: Day 1 Entry 2

Went out to Surprise to see the Rangers play the Royals. First let me say, the drive from Phoenix to Surprise is awful in the afternoon. It consists of non-highway driving through about fifty stop lights, but the traffic is highway type traffic. Imagine driving on hwy. 75 in Dallas at rush hour but with traffic lights every quarter mile.  What should have been a twenty minute drive took an hour and a half.

We ate dinner at a place called Federico’s Mexican Food. It reminded me of a Taco Cabana. Not fast food, but not full fledged sit down restaurant either. It was pretty good though. I would eat there again.

The stadium at Surprise is nice. Parking is free, which was really nice. We had to pay for parking in Tempe earlier in the day. We had seats about seven or eight rows back from home plate just to the first base side. I couldn’t get very good pictures with either my phone camera or the Nikon I brought because they kept focusing on the net behind the plate.

The game itself was pretty bad for the Rangers. Matt Harrison only went 2 2/3 innings in his first start this year. He gave up 3 runs and was getting hit pretty hard when they took him out. I’m hoping that was just first start jitters. The Ranger offense was even worse. They got shut out by Royals pitching. The Royals starter was this little guy named Ventura who was routinely throwing 100-101mph. He added to that a nasty breaking pitch that had all the Rangers baffled. Prince Fielder and Sin-Soo Choo both struck out on just wicked breaking balls in the dirt. One bright spot was Joe Saunders. He gave up a couple of runs but looked good for several innings. He made a nice bid for one of the starter spots with his performance.

The highlight of the night was walking out of our section and finding Jon Daniels, the Rangers General Manager, standing at the top of the steps. He was kind enough to take a picture with me.

I bought my son a t-shirt and got myself a spring training t-shirt. The 12mo. t-shirt was $18, which I thought ridiculously high, but what the heck. It’s the Rangers, it’s Spring Training, and I’m on vacation. Gonna try to find the girl something today.



Pleas disregard the fat guy on the right.

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