Number of Life-Long Astros Fans sees Huge Increase Over Last Month

In a fascinating statistical anomaly, the number of individuals who refer to themselves as “life-long” Astros fans has almost quadrupled over the last month. Public Sports Polling, a nationally recognized polling organization, has been tracking the world of sports fandom for over 50 years. Fred Wilson, an analyst with PSP, says he’s only seen something this substantial one other time. “When the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014, we saw an overnight increase of life-long Seahawks fans. It went from zero to about 1.4 million in just over 18 hours. This isn’t quite that staggering, but it’s the second largest increase we have ever tracked.”

We interviewed several Astros fans immediately after they clinched the World Series Championship this past evening. Rodger Franklin from Round Rock said this was the greatest moment of his life. “I can’t even begin to describe my happiness right now. It’s just overwhelming. You live and die with your favorite sports franchise and we are living tonight!” When asked how long he had been an Astros fan Franklin replied, “My life-long love of the Astros began about two weeks ago when I realized that they could actually win the World Series. It’s been just an amazing ride. I’ve met so many amazing other life-long Astros fans these last two weeks. In fact, I’ve even started dating one.”

We caught up with her as well. Janeane Davis is from Sugarland and says she’s been a life-long Astros fan since they beat the Red Sox in the first round of the playoffs. “I’ve always wanted to be a life-long fan of a winning team, and I’ve just gained this real lasting connection to the Astros over these last few weeks. It’s been fantastic cheering for this team with so many other new life-long fans.”

Wilson, with PSP, said that we usually do not see these life-long connections last more than about a year. “With the Seahawks we saw their new life-long fans drop off significantly after Pete Carrol called a passing play from the one yard line during the following Super Bowl. Their numbers are practically back down to zero. I would expect to see the number of life-long Astros fans to drop over time as well, particularly if they don’t win the World Series next year.”

That doesn’t discourage Franklin. “I will always be a life-long fan of the Astros. As long as they are winning World Championships nothing is going to change that.”

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